Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

Regular exercises can boost your endurance as well as improve your muscle strength. Today there are many fitness equipment you can find on the market to help you achieve your goals with the exercises. One of the popular fitness gear should be the vibration machine. In this article we will discuss more about the Merax crazy fit vibration platform fitness machine 2000W, which is one of the best vibration machines with reasonable price.

Easy to operate

All its control apparatus are so designed in such a way as to allow it to be very easy to use/operate. This Merax vibration machine does have a console that is sensitive to touch and a window display screen that exhibits the commands and the status of the task that is in progress. This eliminates unnecessary hindrances, confusion, or time wastage during use and also makes the entire process of fitness as fun-filled as can be.

Very thorough

The Merax crazy fit vibration platform comes with 10 different preset programs which are basically templates of the various fitness options/workout activities. It is fitted with yoga straps that are designed to enhance its potential for effectively working out the upper body and arms. It also generates strong massage vibrations that are pretty effective in toning muscles. The equipment is therefore very thorough as it ensures that no crucial part of the body is left out.

Very versatile

On the whole, this Merax 2000W vibration platform is capable of carrying out several fitness-related tasks and activities including but not limited to muscle toning, weight loss, muscle building, cellulite reduction, improvement of blood circulation, burning of fat, reduction of stress and anxiety, and the improvement of bone mineral density. With this vibration plate, users derive much more than they actually pay for. Its acquisition, therefore, returns a higher value to the amount invested and hence makes it a very worthy purchase.

Universal applicability

Most of users find that this Merax vibration machine suits their needs. The main reason is that it is possible to vary the speed of the fitness session to suit the unique requirements of each user courtesy of the fitness equipment’s ‘variants of speed range’ feature. This vibration platform machine may also accommodate persons who are as heavy as 300 pounds (136 kg). So, regardless of your weight, or preferred speed of exercising, you can be sure that this fitness machine shall accommodate you!

  • Silent: It is equipped with a silent motor that discharges minimal noise and thus interferes less with the user during a fitness session.
  • Extremely lightweight: With a weight of only 86 pounds (39 kg), this fitness equipment is light enough to be carried around and deployed to the preferred location of use.
  • Minimal storage requirements: The equipment measures 70 cm wide by 80 cm high by 123 cm long. It is therefore very compact and requires minimal storage space as possible.
  • This fitness machine costs a fortune and is hence outside the budget range of many fitness enthusiasts who would badly be in need of it.

The bottom line

Not withstanding the minor shortcoming listed above, the Merax crazy fit vibration platform fitness machine still remains a very effective and thorough vibration machine that incorporates all features an ideal fitness equipment should have. Any fitness enthusiast who would wish to leverage the benefits of such a vibration machine and attain the very highest standards of fitness clearly has no choice but to give it a try and make it a part of his or her workout companion.




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