Cardio Workouts A Woman Can Do at Home

A common assumption regarding cardio workouts is that someone need to go out for a walk, run or swim. If they want to do it indoors, they should need a fitness machine such as elliptical trainer, treadmill or exercise bike. This is definitely wrong.

cardio workouts for women

As long as an activity raises your heart rate for a long period of time, it can be considered as cardio in nature. Whenever your heart rate goes up and you are breathing more rapidly due to constant activity, the workout takes on a cardio nature.

With that said, even if you do bodyweight exercises, for instance pushups, squats, mount climbing one after another with minimal rest, that’s a cardio workout.

However, isn’t the bodyweight exercise also resistance training? Of course! This is what makes these exercises so effective. While strengthen your muscles, they also give your heart an exercise. Knowing this, you should get the whole picture that you can do cardio at home without any equipment.

A number of effective bodyweight exercises that you can do to tone and strengthen your muscles such as squats, jumping squats, lunges, reverse lunges, planks, pushups, burpees, bridges, mountain climbers, wall sit, jumping jacks, high knees and bicycle crunches.

The exercises above will target all body parts, which make them highly effective. The next question is “How do you structure a workout?”

A sample exercise could look like this:

  • Burpees (40-45 seconds)
  • Rest (10-15 seconds)
  • Pushups (40-45 seconds)
  • Rest (10-15 seconds)
  • Squats (40-45 seconds)
  • Rest (10-15 seconds)
  • Bicycle crunches (40-45 seconds)
  • Rest (10-15 seconds)
  • High knees (40-45 seconds)
  • Rest (120 seconds)

The 10 to 15-second rest intervals are really helpful for you to catch your breath until doing the next workout. However, you can switch to a 1:2 ratio where the workout is performed for 30 seconds. Then the rest is 120 seconds long if you find it too tough for you.

You must challenge yourself! That’s the key point to note here. It doesn’t matter to be panting and tired. That way you turn this exercise into a cardio training. If you choose to rest up to 3 minutes before moving to the next exercise, it will simply be a strength training since your heart rate won’t actually increase that much.

The exercises listed above are just a small selection. In fact, you can do many other bodyweight exercises. You can simply search for more bodyweight workouts on the internet. Should you do the exercises back to back with a bare minimum of rest , it will likely be a cardio workout.

It is possible to boost the effectiveness of your training by utilizing ankle weights or dumbbells. Other fitness gears that provides you the freedom to do more diverse workouts such as medicine balls, pull-up bars, resistance bands and stability balls will be very valuable .

There is no need for fancy equipment at home like they actually do at the gym. However these extra machines can help make your exercises more challenging as well as exciting. Your strength will increase along with your progress shall not plateau when you have diversity in your cardio workouts.

Lastly, you have to be consistent in your workout plan. Do the exercise for at least 2 or 3 sessions per week. Consistency is crucial for you to see positive results. A single cardio exercise every 14 days surely is not gonna cut it. Make a step-by-step plan and stick to it. Fitness is not a seasonal pastime but a lifestyle.

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