Can Excessive Cardio Make Women Gain Weight?

Joining a gym membership and working out at cardio machines daily are likely the first thing that most of women do when they decide to lose weight and get in shape. They are ready to spend hours on treadmills and stationary bikes. Cardio exercise is considered to be the best weapon in the fight against excess fat.

cardio for women

The thing most women have no idea is that doing an excessive amount of cardio is in fact counterproductive. On this page, we’ll take a look at several reasons why you must do two or three sessions of cardio exercise per week and not more. As a matter of fact, a couple of high intensity interval training sessions per week are sufficient to give good results.

It’s not the quantity of exercises but the quality (intensity) that is important. You can do two 30-minute cardio exercises and two 30-minute strength training sessions weekly and look great. Or perhaps you can do simply three strength-training workouts which are cardio in nature yet still get the job done.

As far as you stick to your diet plan, the quick cardio exercise is going to improve your metabolism and allow you to get in fat burning mode. The strength-training exercises will work and build your muscles. It’s a win-win condition. Having to spend hours on mind-numbing cardio exercise is not just too much but is harmful too.

Carb cravings

The times you do too much cardio, your body starts to develop a dependency on carbohydrate food. Women who frequently run long distances or spare forty-five minutes to one hour on the exercise bike usually feel hungry eventually in the day. They constantly end up craving for carbohydrates.

The reason behind this is that cardio exercise needs energy and the most people get their energy from carbs. Endurance athletes typically train their bodies to rely on fat for energy. They may be on ketogenic diet programs and their bodies are fat-burning machines.

The majority of women are not knowledgeable on a ketogenic diet. Their energy mainly derives from carbs. Nevertheless, once you consume carbohydrates, your blood glucose levels rise and insulin is produced. By means of a string of chemical processes in your body, the body ultimately ends up collecting more fat.

Hence, you’ve just negated your exercise by the consumption of carbs. You find yourself consuming more carbs and gaining weight rather than losing it. At this point you understand why women usually complain that regardless of what they do, the weight on the weighing scales just don’t have a tendency to drop.

Should you deny your body the carbohydrates, it can go into ‘shock’ so you are going to reach a weight-loss plateau. After reducing the initial few pounds of weight, you’ll realize that you just can’t come up with further improvement. That is the reason why.

Continue to keep your cardio exercise short, high intensity as well as a maximum of three sessions per week. Less is more in this case and even if this looks counter-intuitive, it does work.


Too much cardio results in burnout. You’ll be fatigued eventually. When you’re running for one hour on the treadmill machine every day like a hamster on a wheel, it will get boring at some point. You’ll not enjoy your exercise and it’ll only be something you do for the sake of becoming fit.

Your body will end up trying to adapt to the pressure put upon it and your improvement will stagnate. Therefore, not only are you tired of working out but it turns into less effective as well. After some time, you’ll lose less weight with similar exercises and you’ll notice your weight creeping up.

Leads to injury

Cardio workout done for a long time will undoubtedly lead to damage of the joints. Numerous runners often have knee issues as well as other chronic injuries due to the continuous friction and impact on their joints. Excessive cardio workout does this particularly if you’re doing the same exercise constantly.

In the event that you’re not able to exercise because of injury, you’re will regain the weight you’ve lost and you’ll be back at square one.

Elevates disease risks

Excessive cardio even sets oxidative and hormonal stresses on your body. It will result in inflammation inside the body and accelerate the process of getting older. In the worst case situation, this fascination with cardio can cause scarring in your right ventricle. It is because of excessive use and inadequate recovery. Bad health issues such as atrial fibrillation may appear that can be life-threatening.

Fear of working out

In case your cardio exercises are hard and long, you’ll create a fear of doing a workout. Your mind is going to continuously cook up justifications in order to skip your workouts. It is a self-preservation procedure and you’ll be tired aiming to use strength of will to stay on track. You’ll give up and end up attaining the weight you’ve got rid of and more.

Brief cardio sessions are more convenient to overcome mentally. You’ll simply tell yourself, “It’s just 15 or 20 minutes!” and you’ll begin with. Over time, you’ll keep on track and get rid of more fat and get in shape since you didn’t give up.

By now you should definitely understand that excessive cardio will mess up your progress. Even nectar in excess becomes toxin. Go for 2 or 3 short but intense cardio exercises each week and you’ll be all right. It’s quality above quantity that counts.

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