Best Exercise Bikes 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best exercise bikes

Exercise bikes have remained a popular choice for a long time to obtain a full-body workout. The best exercise bikes available on today’s market are very convenient – just hop on and start pedaling, and they provide many health benefits.

Exercise bikes are great for weight loss. They are easy to use and provide the same pedaling motion of a real bike. The exercise bike, or also known as stationary bicycle, can be used at home during any time of the year. Not all exercise bikes are made the same. Some of these bikes are better than others.

Best Exercise Bikes 2017 – Which One Is The Best For You?

The best exercise bikes will allow a person to burn a great deal of calories and get the heart racing. Modern exercise bikes have different settings for both speed and intensity. These following exercise bikes are some of the best on the market and will help a person get into shape.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

This exercise bike has a large and comfortable seat. The Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike was designed so that everyone can lose weight. It can hold a person that weights up to 300 pounds and will give them the support they need to exercise in comfort. It can be adjusted for a number of different heights as well. This bike is great for those that are big and tall.

On the handle bars there is a pulse monitor so a person can measure their heart rate as they exercise, making it one of the best exercise bikes out there. This bike has the users in an upright position so they are getting the best workout.

There are 8 different tension levels that are user controlled. The levels go from easy to very difficult. They can be adjusted as a person gets used to their workout. It is recommended that a person start off on easy and work their way up to the higher tension level. The higher the tension the more calories they can burn. When the bike is not in use it can be folded up for easy storage. It can easily be unfolded when a person wants to exercise again.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 270 exercise bike has a lot of modern features. It uses the latest technology so that the user can get an accurate measurement of their workout. There are duel LCD windows that will allow the user to monitor 13 different areas and get the feedback on their workout. A person can track their progress from day to day to see how they are progressing towards their goals.

There are four user settings and 29 different programs to use for exercising. There are also 25 different resistance levels that are aligned with the speed that a person is pedaling at. This bike is quiet to use and will not distract others. A person can pedal away and no one will hear the noise from this bike.

There is a UBS charging port so a person can list to their music as they exercise. They can even save their data onto their smart device. This will help a person track their weight loss progress and help them meet short and long term goals.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF B1421 Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is fully adjustable including the seat and the handlebar. The Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike can hold a person that weights just under 300 pounds and allow them to work out with support. That allows for a person to have a comfortable ride.

This exercise bike has heavy duty 30 pound chrome flywheels so it will stay in place and is stable. This is great when a person wants to pedal fast and does not want to worry about the safety of their bike.

There is an LCD monitor that will show the time a person has been riding, the distance they rode, the speed, and will even do a scan of how many calories are bring brunt. There are adjustable knobs that will control the resistance level and even a braking system if a person feels they are going too fast. This has all the features of a traditional bike only with modern extras such as the LED screen.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

The DeskCycle Desk exercise pedal will allow a person to enjoy all of the benefits of an exercise bike without the bulkiness of the entire bike. These pedals are small enough to fit under a desk so a person can exercise when they are at work. The pedals will provide a better workout as well. They have twice the resistance of other bikes and have 8 calibrated resistance settings. The pedals will provide a smooth and quiet motion. These pedals have a full display including the speed a person is pedaling at, the time they have been pedaling, the distance, and the number of calories they have burn.

The calorie scan on this bike is linked to a website so it will provide the most accurate number of calories the users has burnt. This is great for a discrete workout. This will also allow a person to work out in short intervals. They can pedal at their desk, get up and take care of business, and come right back to the pedals.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 900XL is great for everyone including people that have joint and back problems. It will minimize the amount of stress that has been put on these areas. There is a eight level magnetic tension control system that will allow a person to customize their workout. The LCD screen is easy to see and will tell a person the distance they have traveled, the amount of calories they have burnt, and their heart rate information. It will also tell them the speed at which they are moving. This exercise bike comes with a three year warranty from the manufacturer.

All of these are the best exercise bikes that will help a person lose weight. The tension control goes from easy to hard. As a person works out and their body gets used to this they can build up more resistance. This will allow them to burn more calories. These exercise bikes are easy to use and are some of the best on the market. They will provide additional information such as the number of calories a person has burnt and the speed at which they are going.

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

There are different types of exercise bikes that each have different features and provide distinct benefits. The three main types to consider when shopping for an exercise bike are upright, recumbent and dual-action.

Upright exercise bike

These bikes have the look and feel of a regular bicycle, with the upright position and similar seats and pedals, and they provide a cardiovascular and a workout for your lower body, also.

Upright bikes usually come with only the basic features such as distance tracking and resistance displays. If you have a small living space, you should consider one of these, as they can be folded and stored away when not in use.

Recumbent exercise bike

If you need back support while you exercise, this would be the type to choose. Recumbent bikes have larger seats similar to a chair. When riding, the rider sits in a half reclined position with the pedals to the front of the seat instead of below it. This provides a more comfortable workout but still provides the necessary exercise.

Recumbent bikes usually have a large array of additional features, including LCD units to display heart rate, time, distance, speed, and calories used, as well as the basic features.

Dual-action exercise bike

This type would suit those people who need a full body workout, particularly incorporating the upper body more efficiently than the previous two bikes mentioned. Dual-action bikes feature handlebars that move back and forth with the movement of the pedals. This constant motion of the arms provides additional exercise for the upper body.

On some models, the arm movement can be locked, therefore enabling similar exercise to the upright bike.
Dual-action models also have all the latest hi-tech features.

Before buying an exercise bike, you could visit some gyms and try out the various types. Then you can be sure you will make an informed buying decision, and obtain one you will actually find useful.

What to Consider Before Buying an Exercise Bike

Buying an exercise bike should eliminate the need to go out to the gym. In addition, you won’t have to spend some cash for a gym membership again. However, when it comes to buying one of the best exercise bikes for yourself there are several things to consider. As you may already know, exercise bikes come in different types and models from different manufacturers. Some of these bikes can be folded up so you can easily store it out of the way when not in use.


Make sure that you make a choice of a bike that is definitely made of top quality materials, and is manufactured by a company that has been widely known for producing trustworthy fitness equipment. This does contribute to the life-span of the exercise bike as well as grant a better ride. Metal frames are generally the best choice when considering exercise bikes. The steel is extremely sturdy allowing it to deal with every day use. Leg stabilizers also are crucial since they can prevent the bike from tipping over when you use it.


Most of us use our exercise bike on virtually a daily basis, so make sure that it is comfortable. This can be crucial since you are likely to stop using your new exercise bike in case it is not comfortable. An exercise bike that comes with padded seats and a comfortable backrest is also a great option since it helps support the body when you’re riding.

You also need to look at the capability of the bike to accommodate your specific shape and size. You better look for the bike that is completely adjustable and enables you to adjust the seat, making it easy to touch the pedals better .


Another thing to consider is the functionality since it helps users to get the most out of the exercising. A bike with a display monitor attached is a great choice since you can monitor your fitness stats like exercises time, your current speed as well as the distance. Some models also provide the number of calories you can burn during the exercise and your current heart rate. That way you can track your progress and it’s easier to achieve your fitness goal.

You should also take into account the bike that comes with several different resistant levels. This feature enables you to increase your workout intensity as you make improvement. If your bike does not have this option, you may find that your current fitness level might just plateau and you will never be ready to work towards multiplying your pace as well as endurance.


Lastly, you need to consider the costs involved in buying your new bike. Exercise bikes that come with lots of added features are usually expensive. All these features may look great, but you have to ask yourself if you really need that for your exercise. So, you should look at the bike that fits within your budget.